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Hand Pump Car Wash Spray Bottle Car Window Tool Auto Cleaning Tool 2L

Hand Pump Car Wash Spray Bottle Car Window Tool Auto Cleaning Tool 2L

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With Water Pipes: No


Water Spray Type: Fan

Origin: United Kingdom

Nozzle Material: Engineering Plastic

Interface Material: Engineering Plastic

Handle Type: Finger Type

Body Material: Engineering Plastic



Hand Pump Foam Sprayer Pneumatic Washer Foam 2L


1. Pneumatic watering can, easy to use.

2. It can be used with car wash liquid to spray foam to wash the car, the foam is rich and delicate, and the car is clean.

3. Multiple functions, not only for car washing, but also for watering flowers.

4、The pressure lever, by using the pressing lever, increasing the pressure.

5. Large fan-shaped spray mode, wide spraying range, more labor-saving for car washing.

6. With locking buckle lock, water can be discharged automatically.

7. Thickened bottle body, three-layer design:

Inner layer: liquid contact layer, anti-corrosion

Middle thick layer: isolate external interference

Outer layer: high temperature resistant, drop resistant PP material

8. There are two kinds of nozzles, fan nozzles can be used for car washing, and flower watering nozzles are used for watering flowers.


Color: Black, White

Material: PP

Capacity: 2L

Weight: 500G

Size: 34*12.5cm

packing list:

1*2L foam watering pot


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