LED Mosquito Killer Lamp for Security


Product: Electric Shock Mosquito-killing Lamp

Color: Black

Material: Plastic

Condition: New



1. How long will it take you to deliver the goods after payment?

Approximately 7-10 days after payment.

2.Why do you accept small orders?

With small batch orders, our customers can buy the products they need at any time without worrying that the goods will not be sold.
3. How long will it take for large quantities to be shipped?
Large orders will be quoted and proofed. After we confirm the details, we will report the time to the customer based on the order quantity. In general, it can be produced within 15 days
. 4. How do you ship?
In order to ensure you receive your goods quickly, we will not opt for cheaper sea shipping or another method without any logistics information. We will choose domestic shipping  etc. Also we can choose other shipping methods as the customer requests
. 6. Are there any after-sales services?
Different types of customer service will be assigned to different customers. As a result, the customer service department will suggest different hot sale products according to the customer’s situation and requests, thus increasing the customer’s orders.


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