Curved MSI Gaming Monitor, 34 Inch


1. A gaming monitor is a specialized type of monitor that is designed for use by gamers.

2. They are typically larger than traditional monitors, with a screen size of at least 27 inches.
3. This allows for a greater level of immersion when playing games.
4. Gaming monitors also typically have a higher refresh rate than traditional monitors, which allows for smoother gameplay.


Is there anything better than a beautiful, curved monitor that lets you play your favorite games at the highest framerates and resolutions? With an MSI PAG343CQR gaming monitor, you can enjoy everything that a quality monitor has to offer while also taking advantage of AMD FreeSync technology. This monitor has a 34-inch size with a resolution of 3440×1440, making it perfect for use in both home and office environments.


Brightness: 350cd/m

Backlight: LED Backlight

Color: Black

Condition: A+ Grade



Additional information

Weight 4 g


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